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This gif works for everything




  • You passed the 11th grade!
  • You’re going to be a father!
  • Your mom has cancer!
  • You failed the math test!
  • Your grandpa just died!
  • I’m sorry I gave you AIDS
  • Your blog sucks!
  • I’m sorry for laughing at you the time you got diarrhea in Barns and Noble 

LMFAO most awkward part of the movie


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Three things I have learned working at the country club

1. I do not like new england clam chowder soup

2. hard-bioled eggs and golf go well together

3. Gingers can’t golf

I am seriously so proud of my grades this semester!

Not trying to show off but I didn’t think I could be this proud of myself.

I love this feeling!

I love the name Elliot.

And Calluna.

Two random things

One, I got a B in calc by 3 points on my final.

THANK DR. SWAIN FOR A SMALL CURVE! Though I think it should be a B-?

and two, I like being naked.

kris10writesstuff said: You have been posting on here a lot more lately. I'm proud of you! xD

Thanks…? lol

Like six hours left

I have two finals today: my calc one, and then communications which doesn’t even come close.

Calc has gone like this: Over the past two days, I have spent around six hours taking a semester of notes and condensing them to the four pages front and back we’re allowed on a test. SIX HOURS!

Comm: Remembered the final existed yesterday. Looked over highlighted parts while writing this.

Oh, and lemme just say. My comm final is 200 points and we all get a free 40…..this should never happen but I’m glad it is going down.

K. I need to pretend to study with people as we all freak out about what we might have forgotten to put on our cheat sheets. Sigh.

I’ve experienced seven of these.
Let’s work towards the other eight!

I’ve experienced seven of these.

Let’s work towards the other eight!